Aug. 10th, 2008 01:48 am
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Title: Magic
Rating: E
Pairing: He/She

Disclaimer: I own these people! YAR!
Authors Note: This is because I get moments during work every once in awhile and only moments, so they stay short. 

   Sun shone in shadows as leaf patterns covered his face. Sleep lingered on the corners of his eyes, begging him to let it in.
   "Don't go asleep on me!"
   He cracked open an eye, "No worries. I'm not," he smiled and closed his eye again.
    He heard her moving, he hand smoothing of his features, tracing. He said nothing. This is what he had always wanted. Something he had almost come to believe was impossible.
    "Have you ever believed in magic?" he asked as her fingers fluttered.
    "I still do."

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        Pain wasn't a feeling anymore. At least not a describeable feeling. It had both faded and grown to something that taunted from the corner of your eye, but when you turned to see, check, make sure that's what it was, it was gone, a scent the only trace.
    Paint associated itself with everything. Every beautiful and ugly thing you saw caused you to ache. Even the things with no definition managed to make pain a priority. Breathing hurt because air swooshed through your nostrils in and out, in and out, and you realized without that consistency, you would cease to exist, eyes rolled back, like when you wondered if you could see your brain but this time they wouldn't roll back to see your giggles float away from your baby tooth lined mouth.
    It was in how hugs made you want to cry because you knew that it was basic, that you would never have that particular person to be attached to other than friends, or because you knew it was good-bye. or because they had finally come to see after three years of sporadic e-mails and letters.
       Pain laced your heart at everything and you knew that if you didn't feel that stab somewhere your heart and the eerie moonlight pale bones of your ribcage you would think yourself less than human because no happiness or joy existed without pain laced delicately through it.
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    If you sat still for uncounted & dismissed moments, your lungs inflating & deflating in a rhythm you have known since birth, your eyes fixed on no point in particular, the edges of vision blurred and undefineable, each suck and release of air  a necessity, would you be able to make yourself small, smaller, smallest?
    A million pieces of particle floating from one main shape until your beginning is no longer recognizable, every layer exposed and ready for diagnosis by everyone who's wanted to know more than you were made of blood and bones? The people who want a map of to depict clearly where you started and where you ended up, every thought splayed before them, like notes on a chalkboard to be taken in & understood.
    Except you can't understand chalk & light & what the words strung together mean unless the person who wrote them  tells you the definition of words you've never seen before.


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