May. 14th, 2008 07:32 pm
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    So have a new moodtheme. Except I don't know if I want to keep it up....my Ned one was pretty sexy. ;) C'mon, it's NED!!!
    There was more point to this post....except my brats of sisters took my writing notebook. I have severe words for them that I've sworn off of. Damn. 
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    It's foggy-rain outside. You can feel each small, miniscule drop on your skin, exposed collar bone. No wind, just grey from the sky to behind the slowly burning trees. Trees that burn with captured sunlight, but have lost a touch of sun, and gained a bit of moon since yesterday.
    Marker stains cover my skin, only to be washed away with a smooth clothe and running water, clearing up the impurities that have been put there by fun and good times.
    Colour is leaking back into my world in ways that no one would think that colour can. Slowly, water dripping down the eaves and the fall leaves dancing in the small 'woods' behind my house and over a little bit. While the grey sky rejoices at change and how it mimics the pond behind the church so well. Happy with a few tears to even everything out.
    We learned to tell the truth the way we were taught, by looking up so that it seems that we really are immortal, staring up as the stars look back down, faceless yet thinking about how little we truly know and that if we only listened we might be able to gather some truth.
    That how you swing around the Main St. sign post is what I wish I could capture on film, but those are always the moments that I never have my camera on me. So, the only thing is a mental clip that's tacked on a tree down Memory Lane.
    I'd lie if I said that I didn't care for you. But, I'd also be lying if I said I did. You're hell's bessing to me, the unexplainable shadow that haunts outside Heart's door.
    Maybe the only extended hand is Friendship, but even that would be enough if only I could catch a glimpse of the immortallness that you keep trapped inside by what others think and expect.
    You, like the Earth, have been trapped by man-made when you should be out, your mind  in the eagle's eye to see what you've always dreamt (secretly, even to yourself).
    However, for right now, I'll watch the Human exit, the Immortal trapped, and the Artist somewhere in between.
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to za dark side....MWAHAHAHA~!!!! -minute of evil laughter- Alright, following in the most presigious footsteps of: [profile] autumn_sea (aka: Suzy), [profile] stupastu (aka Stu) and [profile] cjgirl864 (aka ...-embarressed- Don't know what you like to be called! -hides-) and am taking the plunge.

    If you tell me something about you, I'll (attempt) to write a poem about you. I have to pre-warn you: I'm no where NEAR as amazing as Stu, but I will attempt.
    So, let the 'about me's' begin!!


Jun. 14th, 2007 12:20 pm
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There it is. My journal's new look. Think I have an obsession? ;) lol:P

My writing will be up, I PROMISE! I'm just....lazy would be a very good word for that. Look for it later today!


May. 4th, 2007 08:36 pm
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    I'm changing this journal from an 'art appreciation journal' to a place where I'll post all my writing. Yes, all of it.  I haven't posted in forever about movies, books, whatever. Hence, I shall make it  for all my creative ramblings. Hopefully it shall stay at that, and only that. I'll make a great effort to post on a contintual basis, and hopefully I won't accidentally start venting all over the place. That's [profile] manyfacets, where I post all about life, what's happening, and the first place I usually post my writing rambles.

    So, hopefully I can aquire a few more comments and such.

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Decided that I was going to have a neat, interesting title. I just need something to pick me up. I've been working on  a writing challenge site for my friends, and one of my friends submitted a poem with about 16 verses, which I have to HTML and all that....*sigh* It's been a pain in the rear.....

However, today was pretty good. It felt like it was one of those days were most of the class isn't there, and so you don't do anything...like that. Anyways, my favorite would have been when we were in ELA and PAA, which are taught by the same teacher, and were right after the other today. My younger sister (the one who i wrote Cold Love about), has been talking to a guy in my class on MSN a lot. Nothing serious, just goofing off, she hasn't been serious since....I dunno when!

Anyways, whenever they talk, they have this thing of planning what they're going to do. So far, they've gone on Safari, rode her pet zebra, and, as I learned today, made love on the back of an alligator! *shocked look* The best part of this confession? The guy she's been talking to's 'unofficial girlfriend' was sitting right there! It was GREAT! I don't like her too  much. She's in my class, dresses to impress, studies 24/13 (she got 105% on our last French test O_o), and  i just can't stand her.

She was walking down the hall after the bell rang for lunch, and if the look that she gave my sister could kill, she would have died as soon as she saw her. Honestly! She's sooo mad about this, it's great!

Doesn't sound nice, do I? Ah well, I feel like being a little mean! *insert evil laugh*
Other than that, today was pretty good! I got a lot of help with an assignment for English. A character analysis. I'll post the finished piece here. I have nothing to do this week, so it should appear soon! I lovemight actually start on my story again! Now, wouldn't that be great?!

I think that that's it, later all:D! having nothing to do! I don't feel stressed! It's taken a while to sink in, but, it's getting there! I

Adela Says

Feb. 15th, 2007 01:34 pm
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The creep TOUCHED me! Honestly, that's gross! I can still feel his cold fingers going down my neck. Good thing they didn't go down further. I don't think I could have stopped myself from throwing up all over him.

I wonder what Egil, Camlin, Jarek and them are doing.I wish they would hurry up. I know that there's little chance of them ACTUALLY finding me. It's not like I had time to send someone to them with a sealed invitation or anything. Mother will be soooo disappionted when she finds out about that. The fact that invitations weren't sent.

I wonder what this Shraver fellow is all about. I know the whisperes where about him. Of that I'm positive, but I don't know what. There are so many things that they could have been about. I mean, there's everything from sleeping with the maids to treating his stock unkindly, but that doesn't exactly warrent whispers. I don't think people are that incredibly petty. Scratch that, I know that they are, well, some. The rest are either a mix, or aren't.

Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I was born poor. Then the only thing I would have to complain about is how the crops aren't growing. Either poor or being born a boy. Then I could go to KKS, and I wouldn't be in this mess. Thanks a lot Father!

Az Says

Feb. 10th, 2007 09:08 pm
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((To see what Az's talking about click the shiny link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2287887/1/))

I saw Eric drive Keena to school today. Honestly, that sent chills up my spine. The guy has GOT to be a drug dealer of some sort. I mean, a place called Reeford? Spare me. Keena seems to believe him well enough, though. And that drives me insane! She's smart. She knows that there's no such place as 'Reeford'. I mean, how can that logically happen?

I know if that were me, Keena would be questioning me within an inch of my life! Why can't I do that to her? And Eric telling me that I don't actually know her? What kind of idiot is he? We've grown up together, of course I know her! I mean, sure, one or two things, but that's it.

I mean, what could she possibly be keeping away from me?


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