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Mar. 28th, 2007 08:00 pm
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Hey all! Today was good! I had parent/teacher interviews this morning, and my mom was told that I was an amazing student, and that I work soooo hard! *blushes* Shucks! But too true! lol:D
    And then after a lunch of leftovers, i washed dishes from last night, breakfast, and lunch. If you don't live with eight other people, you won't understand how long this would take. I had wrinkled hands it took so long. Then, I talked to Tim for about half an hour. He was working on his book, which is really interesting so far. I read the first thousand words or so. I went a little easy when I critiqued it, which I shouldn't have done, but there wasn't even much more I could have said.
    Anyways, I said later to him, cause I wanted to drive to the college (I'm lazy like that!), and had to look for ten minutes before I found Jane. She was trying to find a plane home during the summer, one that she could afford. (she's from Scotland). Afterwards, she and I headed to the caf, where we both had hot chocolate and just chatted for a while. She wanted to hear about the teachers at the school, so that she would sort of understand who was who and all that.
    Nicole (my youth leader at my church. I'm Catholic, and the college in town is Full Gospel). Anyways, she came up, (yes, she's Catholic, goes to a Pentacostil (sp?) college), and we talked for about ten minutes before she had to leave.
    A little while later Jane had to leave, so I searched for Dilia. We talked for just about EVER! About an hour or so. It was great! I saw Sean for about two minutes (he had some homework to do). He was complaining about how i had made him bleed during out pillow fight last week. Poor baby! lol:D
    I saw Eric, though he was across the room, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him. And then as Delia left, I came across Trevor. We chatted for about ten minutes, and then he had to get to class and I had to head home to make supper.
    Honestly, just an amazing day to just....hang loose! lol:D
    Supper went well. I didn' thave to make the noodles! Last time I made this meal, I messed the noodles over. Oops!

    That's it for now folks!
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Hmm, I played badminton after school. I lost my first game (it was bad. i wasn't warmed up or anything, so it wasn't great), won my second and third games (21-16, 21-4, 21-2, 21-2), and then lost the first set, and won the second one.

The last game was against the best badminton single girls player, and I beat her in the second game. Brattiest girl I've ever played against. She was winning by about 3, and she got mad when she dropped a point! *unsure* But, i just stayed calm and it was great!

And then at Youth had a massive pillow fight *sighs happily* I wish it was every week instead of every other week. I look forward to it SOOOO much. Honestly, there's no words to describe.... I just feel so...peaceful there. There's kids that come from the Bible College in town, and there's usually six of us or so, and we talk about our week, so some silly, strange, weird, random things, and have  a blast, eat junk food (but since I gave it up, I look for oranges, apples, something like that!), and just talk about our week. Hopefully we'll get to do a weekend one, where we can stay for longer than we usually do. Honestly, we could go for hours!

I'm tired. It's been a long week so far. I've got drama festival coming up, and singing festival after wards, my cassette player's broken, and I haven't been able to practice for two weeks, I need to find props, and I've had math homework that's taken me two hours for the past three nights.

*complain* I hate school....*complain*

What else? On the way to badminton and back, about a half hour trip each way, was just....fun. There was two guys from my class, (one sitting up front, the other in the back), and then my sister, a guy fromm her class, as well as a girl from her class (Megz, you know who I'm talking about O_o). Anyways, it was a blast! We were just talking about....everything. Ragging on each other, and just being...teens, which is something I haven't felt in forever!

I'm the oldest of seven, and so feel like I'm responsible for a lot (which is true), and I've had to mature faster in a lot of ways that other people my age haven't. And, so I see things a lot differently than people from my class, age group, and all that. It's not really a bad thing, just different. But, it also sets me back in some ways. Like, I don't hang out a lot, because I have to baby-sit, so I don't feel comfortable in large groups, and I don't make strong ties with people, I don't like really strange situations, I'm leery of new people (actually, depends on who I'm with...), and there's other. Okay, that's my rag on my life! lol:D


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