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Frane. Ain't she lovely?XPP

Well, I got the letter 'F' (if you couldn't tellXDD) from [profile] cjgirl864.
    So, without further adou, here they are:
  •     fireflies - Okay...who does NOT like fireflies?! Seriously. Get checked if you don't
  •    Fire - Camp fires, candles, wherever, whenever.  Watching it dance and play and crackle and pop. -sigh- Pure magic.
  • Frane - none of you know her. But she's friggen amazing. Hence, she's on the list.
  • Friends - I'm pretty sure that I would die without the few true-blue friends that I have.
  • Fields - Earthy patchworks. Summer and fall are beautiful for them here. Just gorgeaus.
  • fish - GOLDfishXDD
  • Fireworks - art in the sky. whistle, crack, shower of sparks in pretty colours.
  • Food - Ummm...slightly obvious? I choose life and all that. (-coughcough- NICOLE RICHIE -coughcough-)
  • Faerie Tales - My heaven on Earth. Distance places and happy endings.
  • Fotographs - Hey. It's the same sound. Live with it. I adore taking pictures. just...-sigh- <3
        There we go. And I SO did NOT cheat. XDD Give me a comment and I'll give you a letter. K? K.
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to za dark side....MWAHAHAHA~!!!! -minute of evil laughter- Alright, following in the most presigious footsteps of: [profile] autumn_sea (aka: Suzy), [profile] stupastu (aka Stu) and [profile] cjgirl864 (aka ...-embarressed- Don't know what you like to be called! -hides-) and am taking the plunge.

    If you tell me something about you, I'll (attempt) to write a poem about you. I have to pre-warn you: I'm no where NEAR as amazing as Stu, but I will attempt.
    So, let the 'about me's' begin!!


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