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    Today's Post: Copied and Posted from [profile] manyfacets

    How is it that every time I'm posting here, I seem to be ranting about something? Well, I'm not really complaining about anything, I'm just.......confused! I keep asking God why He's put certain people in my life when all they seem to do is cause me pain.  I figure that most of them don't realize it, but they do.
    Seriously, the guy I talked about yesterday pretty much just ditched me, and didn't say a word to me afterwards. Thanks. And then a bunch of other shitty things happened, and his brother came over to our table, and I basically was a royal bitch to him. Honestly, I really need to watch myself. I keep blaming the wrong people, and then I feel like a first class loser. *slams head on desk*
    Music Festival is tomorrow, and I haven't practiced since Wenesday because of drama. I've practiced once already today, but I'm going to need to do it WAAAAAAY more because my singing teacher added some dippity-do-das in the one song, and wants me to sing it that way. My cassette player was wrecked for three weeks and I couldn't practice! Thanks a LOT!
  I have to clean my room, bake muffins for tomorrow, and figure out what I'm doing for my Musical Theatre. I just want to curl up and cry. I need to do SOMETHING! I feel like shit, and I just want to scream at something! ANYTHING! I just want someone to talk to, who'll listen, and who won't think that I'm pathetic, insane, completely lost everything, wanting attention, whatever. I just want someone to hold me and tell me that things will be okay. I want someone who'll listen to me rant and rave for an hour, and won't mind me raving about the same thing two or three times over.  I just want a friend right now.
    On top of that, my baby bro's in the hospital. The doctor in town can't figure out what the HECK is going on, so my parents took him to the city last night. He'll be there with my mom until Tuesday, which means that my dad's the only one home, which means I'll be in trouble at least twenty million times before my mom gets home. *sigh* We dont' get along so great.    
    Something good DID happen this weekend though, related to Drama Festival! WE WON SECOND! For just about EVERYTHING! It was sooo great! And it's what we wanted. Because then we wouldn't have to move on, but we know that our play was great! Our drama directors were soooooo funny to watch! They jumped up and down and were just laughing! SOOOO funny! And then one girl won a medal for her part, another won an award, our play won two medals, our music and sound guy won a medal, and our light girl won a medal! It was so exciting!
    So yeah, even though some things went wrong, there were good things that happened. Like the dance. I enjoyed that. I mean, even though the guy was an idiot for the last part of yesterday, he was really nice to me most of the other time. Even though both he AND his bro were surrounded by girls all the time, and I could barely get a word in edgewise when that happened. I mean, he and I danced horribly together and everything at the dance on Friday. And then we sat together for the last play, and had fun, and whatever.
    And, I got to talk to him and his brother on MSN last night (I apologized to his brother.). Though, he DID leave without saying anything.........

    So, I guess there were some good things that happened. But, I'm still asking God why He's put those two in my life, as well as a few others. And I guess, it'll take time to tell me why.....
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Apr. 1st, 2007 12:24 pm
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From March 31st:

   I'm sooo excited! Yeah, for the past two days I've left school to go to Drama Festival (did I tell you all about this?! I can't remember). Anyways, Thursday we performed, and we did AMAZING! Our best performance yet (so everyone said).
    We were the last group that went that day. Went home, and then left school at 2:45 yesterday.
    We had our adjutication thing once we got there, and i was like, I did my part pretty good and everything right? Well, she made me stand up, and RE-DO the first part of my monologue!!!!! I ended up having to go through it a million times, at LEAST! It was sooooo embarressing! I felt so bad for everyone in that room that had to listen to it. I'm sure that they new the lines as well as I do.
    The first play was...okay. My friend and I couldn't get closer seats, and we could barely hear half the words. And there wasn't enough movement.
    The second one was amazing!...if their play was interesting. Seriously, good actors, good lights, all that. Terrible play. I just about slept through it!
    The third one was not bad. The dialogue was good, the acting as well, the story LINE was good, but it just...flopped.
    Then there was the dance (the plays end up finishing at close to ten, so it works out pretty good.) Except that it took them almost an HOUR to get everything set up! :K So mad! *complain*
    And........*cough* New male friend*cough* An ATTRACTIVE male friend. Yes, I am pathetic. Thank-you for noticing. Really nice, funny, tall, and all that. But, kind of a flirt...*unsure* How come I have such a lousy pick when it comes to guys?!    
    It's really funny, because I've played basketball in the town that he lives in, and I was like, 'What a complete jerk he must be', and he's probably one of the nicest guys I've met. By the end of the night, he and I were tight (no, nothing gross! Get your minds out of the gutters people! YeesH!). But, I will never be able to look at a Rolo milk the same again!    
    And then this morning my bros woke me up at seven o'clock! GAHH! I was up until one in the morning, and I have to go back today. I'll murder them later! *evil laugh*

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